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 In Burma
Burma TIGYIT Power Plant 2X60MW set generally contracted by China Heavy-duty Machine General Company
our subcontracted scope include:
1.Design, software production, goods supply, training, installation instruction and on-site commissioning etc. of DCS (FSSS, MCS, SCS, DAS);
2.Provide complete thermal equipments, panel, console and cabinet installation materials.
 At Hefei
The Second Power Plant of Hefei 2X350MW set contracted by Harbin Power Station Engineering Company. No. 1 and No. 2 set have been respectively put into operation on June 16 and August 20, 2001.
Our contracting scope:
1.Boiler island thermodynamic instrumentation and installation materials integration (including design, goods supply, installation instruction and commissioning).
2.Supply adjustable valve and control valve for boiler island.
3.PLC of boiler sootblowing, ash-slag disposal, coal convey etc. and corresponding design, goods supply, installation instruction and commissioning of products.
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