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Hebei Guotai Power Plant(2×300MW) Set DCS SYSTEM

    The set of Hebei Xingtai Guotai Power Plant (2×300MW)is unit-system set, adopting the centralized control of furnace, machine and power. DCS adopts TOSMAP-DS system of TOSHIBA. The whole project includes MMI, MCS, SCS, DAS, FSSS, MEH, ECS, and BPS. For furnace temperature, turbine temperature, generator coil temperature, the procedural parameter acquisition of these supervising points are realized by DCS remote I/O. Each set has independent and complete DCS system. Public DCS is to control the two sets’ common system (including electric, heat network, circulating pump room etc.) Public DCS and individual DCS are connected by DCS network. Any set’s operator can supervise and control the public system but between the two sets are locked. We assume all the programming, configuration design and on-site service of public system and the whole MMI.

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