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  Environmental Protection
  Intelligent Buildings
  Power Station Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

    The dept. is engaged in intelligent building system integration, development, engineering design, construction and service. By means of advanced technology, service system and sophisticated experience, the dept. not only can provide various building intelligentizing engineering with the best system configuration but also the design, construction and installation of fire extinguishing system, air-conditioning automatic control system, monitoring alarm system.

        Business scope:
    • building automatic control system
    • public (fire fighting) broadcasting system
    • Light control system
    • building automatic management system
    • fire extinguishing system
    • security and guard system
    • cable TV system
    • conference system
    • structuring premises distribution system
    • computer information network system
    • electric information display system
    • mansion automatic management system
    • IC management system
    • parking management system Parking management system
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