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  Environmental Protection
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  Power Station Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Environment Dept. is engaged in the development and application of water treatment technology, such as civcism sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment etc. Mainly provide complete water treatment equipments, installation engineering; design electric equipments and automatic instrument system, equipment integration, installation and commissioning etc. contracting and operation of sewage treatment etc.

    We have made remarkable achievements in sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, fume desulfuration and water treatment of thermal power plant.
    Cooperating with professors concerned, we develop DOD deep-type oxidation ditch process.

    The dept. is experienced in software development for water treatment, has joined many large-scale civicism sewage treatment projects. Based on the abundant experience, the dept. developed various software to control different processes, such as SBR, CASS, A/O, A2/O, aeration biological basin, and DOD oxidation ditch.

    Grade II qualification of Environmental Protection Engineering Construction, can undertake the projects 150 million yuan below.

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