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    Production Dept. is located at Yuhua Industrial and Commercial Zone of Xi’an, covering an area of 15 mu, with 4659m2 factory building. The dept. has perfect equipments and strong technical force. Main products are panel, cabinet, console and case for thermodynamic instrumentation, low-voltage fixed distribution box, low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, distribution case, dynamic cabinet in over 30 types. The products have obtained 3C certification of China Quality Certification Center, and spread all over the country accompanying with completer engineering.

Production Dept. is composed of:

1、Technical Division
    Be responsible for primary and secondary design for panel, cabinet, console and case of thermodynamic instrumentation, low-voltage fixed distribution box, low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, frequency conversion motor control cabinet, distributing box, dynamic cabinet and non-standard products; frame design of instrument panel, distribution cabinet, and console, standardized design of related parts; research and development of new products.
2、Production Management Division
    Be responsible for arranging production schedule, coordinating and organizing each shift to ensure the completion quality of production task, serving, maintaining and preparing mould made by special materials, clamp tools and equipments to ensure the normal production, as well as issuing work tickets according to actual production.
3、Quality Inspection Division
    Be responsible for inspecting the raw materials and electric component element, seeming spray, finished products.
4、Operation and Management Division
    Be responsible for operation management, logistics management, security management, water, power and communication supply management, coordinate internal supply.
5、No. 1 Fabrication Division
    Sheet processing, group welding, spraying and coating, packing box making etc.
6、No. 2 Fabrication Division
    Installing, assembling, packaging the products.

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