Industrial Control
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  Power Station Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

The department of industry controlling is the main business department of Xi’an Xingyi Tech. Co. Ltd, which is focus on automatic controlling for industry process controlling area of power, landification, metallurgy and sets of engineering service of apparatus and valve, supply the customer with the advanced automatic controlling project, good and reliable automatic controlling apparatus and satisfactory technology service.

Its underling department contains management department, system department and engineering technology department. We accumulate plenty of experience and outstanding achievement in industry controlling especially in power apparatus and automatic area under the support of many customers.

In recent years, the department’s business expends area to the new clean energy. It took part in the construction of Shaanxi Yanchang Jingbian energy sources and chemical industry project, Pucheng cleaning energy and chemical industry project of Shannxi Coal and Chemical Corporation Group, coal and chemical industry project of Shannxi Binchang Coal and Chemical Corporation Group etc., and achieved some successes.

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